January 26, 2013

the "no heat" hair challenge

We need to talk. I can't do this anymore. Today I want sleek straight hair, next day I'm using my curling iron for some curls. My hair just can't take the heat anymore. And in a way I'm happy because I use the blow dryer only when my hair is wet and I have to get somewhere ASAP. 
So here's the challenge. Starting today , January 26th, 2013 , for at least a month I will not use any source of heat for my hair. The only exception is when my hair is wet and I'm in a hurry. But even so I will try to use the cold air instead of the hot one.
I have a flat iron for straight hair, a curling iron and a blow dryer. So these are the sources of the problem. 
I've done some research and found some tutorials for curls with no heat, eve straight hair with no heat. Besides, I'm really getting the hang of messy buns so I'm trying to make the most of it. 
And wait for it...

I plan on cutting on the styling products also. That's right. Since I'm not going to use heat there is no use in me applying heat protectant, right? Also, no hair spray, no styling wax, shine serum or any like that. I will try to make my own styling products and if you are interested, let me know.

And of course the most used products will be conditioners,hair treatments (for dandruff , greasy roots and dry hair), hair masks, oils, butters. I have argan oil, castor oil and I'm searching for coconut oil (or coconut butter if I don't find oil) and shea butter. Also, I will be taking some vitamins for my hair.

Another thing that I will be doing is cutting my own hair. I have never done this before so keep your fingeres crossed for me, will you? If it goes right maybe I will share it with you. If not, I will put  paper bag over my face and never leave home without it *smile*

So what do you say? Interested in my little experiment? If you like, you can join too. I would love to have someone to share this with.

hugs and kisses,
Love, Andreea!


  1. I actually did something very similar over the summer. I went the whole summer without dying my hair (I'm addicted to hair dye), putting product like hair spray or gel in it and using styling tools. It went pretty well for me. Good luck with your experiment, I look forward to reading about how it goes!

    Misfit Librarian
    (Visiting from The Totally Awesome Blog Hop)

  2. hello my love, thank you so much for the comment via google+, I just had the chance to check back on your blog and I am now following you. Would love for you to check out my blog as well. BTW I love the pinkish graphics you used in the new design!

    xoxo Pakize (Keke)